Course Curriculum

The college will follow the B.Ed course prescribed by B. N. Mandal University, Madhepura (Bihar). The course of study shall extend over one academic session and comprise the following subject.

Scheme of Study

Its Year
Annual Distribution Of The Course

Course No. Course Name Cradit Theory Practicum Full Marks
Course1 Childhood and Growing Up 4 80 20 100 Marks
Course2 Contemporary India and Education 4 80 20 100 Marks
Course3 Learning and Teaching 4 80 20 100 Marks
Course4 Language Across the Curriculum 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course5 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course6 Gender, School and Society 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course7a Pedagogy of a school subject-part1 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course EPC1 Reading and Reflecting on Text 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course EPC2 Drama and Art in Education 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course EPC3 Critical Understanding of ICT 2 40 10 50 Marks
26 650 Marks

2nd Year
Annual Distribution Of The Course

Course No. Course Name Cradit Theory Practicum Full Marks
Course7b Pedagogy of school Subject-part II 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course8 Knowledge and Curriculum 4 80 20 100 Marks
Course9 Assessment for Learning 4 80 20 100 Marks
Course10 Creating an Inclusive School 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course11 Optional Course 2 40 10 50 Marks
Course EPC4 Understanding the self 2 40 10 50 Marks
School Internship 10 --- --- 250 Marks
Total 26 --- --- 650 Marks

School Internship

Internship in school will be for a minimum duration of 20 weeks for a two year programme.

The evaluation of the student teachers will be done on the basis of their performance in internship programme.


The library of the college is very rich having more than forty five thousand books in various areas of Education including general Education. Journals and Periodicals are also available in good numbers.


The Students are required to attendant least 80% theory Lecturer and 90% attendance in practical failing which they will not be permitted to appear in the Annual/final Examination.

Duration Of B.Ed. Course

Two Year

Acts Of Indiscipline And Misconduct

All Powers relating to discipline and disciplinary actions are vested in the principal.

It is the duty of the students that they must attend all the important functions such as Independence Day/Republic Day/Foundation Day and any Other Special Occasion Organized by the college.

Students indulging in any anti-national activity would be expelled from the college.

Carrying any kind of weapons in the college compound is strictly prohibited.

Entrance in the college premises with intoxicating items are strictly prohibited.

Important Informations

Admission of any candidate is provisional and may be cancelled if any discrepancy is detected in their papers/documents submitted or the candidate fails to comply with the rules, regulation of NCTE and Purnea University, Purnea

Incase a candidate fails to report on the due day with the required documents and Fee for admission, She/he forfeit his/her claim for admission and seat falling vacant will be allotted to other candidate of waiting list.

In case of any dispute with the college/Management the District Court, Katihar will have the jurisdiction.