Quality Assurance Initiatives

7.1 Quality initiatives by IQAC during the year for promoting quality culture

Sl. No. Quality Initiative Date/ Duration Beneficiaries No. of Participants
01 Regular Meeting of The IQAC with different Stakeholders 08.07.2019,
Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff, and a few Alumni 700+
02 Institutionalizing Feedback Mechanism Continuing since 07 April, 2020 Students, Teachers, Parents, and a few Alumni 1977
03 Organizing intra and inter departmental seminars Seminar on ‘Recent Trends in Physics’ organized by Department of Physics on 18 September, 2019. Students and Teachers 27
Inter Departmental seminar jointly organized by the Departments of Commerce and Economics on ‘Reforms in Banking and Taxation’ on 21 November, 2019. Students and Teachers 66
04 Maintaining Records of Students’ Progression Ongoing since 07.01.2020 Students 4
05 Creation of Academic Standards Committee 16.08.2019 Students 25
06 Organizing Seminar on Cross-Cutting Issues 04 March, 2020 Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff 100+
07 Library Automation Ongoing Students and Teachers Counting